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We offer three kinds of subscription: organizational, individual, and free. To move directly to the paid subscription page please click here.

Organizational (profit or non-profit) subscriptions cost $184 plus Harmonized Sales Tax or Goods and Services tax for 12 issues. Individuals may need an organizational subscription if use is not personal.

Individual subscriptions cost $30 including HST/GST for 12 issues. Individual subscriptions are available only for personal use and will not be sent to corporate email addresses. We will not accept corporate cheques for individual subscriptions. Subscribers who wish to obtain the Gallon Environment Letter at their place of work must take out an organizational subscription. Individual subscribers do not receive the enhanced benefits described below.

Free subscriptions include a reduced version of GL called the Honoured Reader Edition. The reduced version will not contain sources for additional information, may contain abbreviated versions of certain articles, and may not include certain articles at all. However, we believe the free version will still be of great interest to many individuals who are interested in environmental and sustainable development from a positive Canadian perspective. To add or delete your email from this free edition send a note with Add GLor Delete GLand your email to

Information on bulk or group subscriptions, including groups of more than four within the same organization or association, and any other paid subscription information may be obtained by also contacting us at

For information on our privacy policy click here.

Enhanced benefits for organizational subscribers

Organizational subscribers may request that the Gallon Environment Letter be sent to up to four email addresses within the same organization or may be granted a licence to forward the Gallon Environment Letter to up to three additional email addresses within their organization on request. In addition, organizational subscribers will receive free access to enhanced resource information and back issues on the Gallon Letter website and, at the discretion of the editor, may request that notice of one event of broad national environmental interest be provided in GL each year. Organizational subscribers also receive free listing of their environmental events in a generally accessible event calendar on the Gallon Environment Letter website.

Thank you to all who provide support for the Gallon Environment Letter. We appreciate your readership.

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