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The Gallon Environment Letter is a twice-monthly electronic environmental policy bulletin sent to about 16,000 email addresses in Canada and around the world. Readers include senior executives, politicians, academics, government officials, labour and environmental groups. The Gallon Environment Letter explores issues of sustainable development (balancing economic, environmental and social aspects of society) with an emphasis on environment.

People have asked us whether GL is "left or right", "pro-business or pro-labour", "pro-environment, or pro-development" and whether GL is objective. These questions are difficult to answer partly because those words mean different things to different people but also because sustainable development cuts across political spectrums. GL believes corporate initiatives are vital to sustainable development but sees an essential role also for other stakeholders such as labour, communities, environmental groups, academia and research institutions, international organizations, and governments. Because GL is a commentary, it includes opinions and is inherently not objective for that reason. However, readers can follow links to original reports and decide for themselves.

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