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CIAL Group is an independent environmental policy and program consulting firm with significant experience in the design and implementation of pollution prevention, lifecycle management, and Sustainable Development projects within the private sector. Clients include major corporations in the food, consumer products, energy and transportation sectors as well as trade associations and government departments.

We offer a science-based cost-effective approach to life cycle assessment; environmental management; multistakeholder consultation; environmental reporting; environmental information systems; and environmental trend analysis.

We have experience in such leading edge programs as marketing of environmental technologies; evaluation of environmental investment opportunities; sustainable resource utilization and development; green product development; and corporate environmental assessment.

Specific services include identification and implementation of pollution prevention and sustainable development programs; confidential environmental assessment of processes, products & packaging; environmental training programs; reducing confrontation over environmental issues; and environmental communications that produce results.

CIAL Group is a business title of Contemporary Information Analysis Ltd. We also operate:

The Canadian Institute for Business and the Environment

Canadian Institute for Environmental Management Advancement in Latin America CIEMALA

Canadian Institute for Environmental Technology Information in Latin America CIETILA

Canadian Institute for Restoration of the Atlantic Forest of Bahia CIRAFB

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