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In order to send you the Gallon Environment Letter, the Canadian Institute for Business and the Environment maintains a database which contains your email address and which may contain your name, title, company or organization, address, and telephone number (if business, these are not considered personal under the legislation) and subscription dates. We use this information to send you the Gallon Environment Letter twice each month and to properly maintain your subscription and renewals.

From time to time we may send special mailings or emailings which are directly related to the Gallon Environment Letter. These mailings or emailings may include special issues of the Gallon Environment Letter, special information alerts, reader surveys, or other information which the Canadian Institute for Business and the Environment considers may be of interest to readers of the Gallon Environment Letter. We do not allow any other organization to buy, access or use this database for any purpose. Our distribution contractors are also prohibited from using the database for any purpose except as authorized by us. The publisher of the Gallon Environment Letter is the Privacy Officer for the purposes of the Privacy Act. For any other information on our policy and practice, problems or concerns and to gain access to personal information held, please write to: Chief Privacy Officer c/o Colin Isaacs, Canadian Institute for Business and the Environment, 119 Concession 6 Rd Fisherville ON N0A 1GO Canada.

Credit card information is collected for the sole purpose of entering or renewing subscriptions. The Canadian Institute for Business and the Environment does not keep your credit card information in its database once your subscription payment has been cleared by our credit card processor. Our credit card processor, currently PayPal, may have additional policies with respect to its retention of information which will be explained on its own website. If you prefer not to interact with PayPal we accept cheques.

Retention policy: You may remove your email from the Gallon Environment Letter by sending an email to by visiting our website at Once you have done so all information about you is removed from our email database. If you are or have been a paid subscriber, we keep financial information for ten years for tax purposes. We may also follow up with you up to five years after your subscription lapses to ask if you might want to subscribe again. If you are really fussy about your privacy, you should be aware that our computer records are backed up on various media which are kept indefinitely but are only accessed in case of catastrophic computer meltdown and are kept under lock and key accessible only to CIBE. If we access this media, we will delete dated personal data asap.

We reserve the right to change this Privacy Policy at any time by giving notice to you through one or more issues of the Gallon Environment Letter.

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