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The Province of Ontario now requires most users and distributors of packaging and printed papers to register as stewards and to pay a levy as a contribution towards the cost of recycling packaging and printed papers through the Blue Box system. Those who do not register pay face fines enforced by Ontario's courts.

Details of the registration and levy process can be found at

CIAL Group has been studying and following development and implementation of the Ontario Packaging and Printed Paper Levy for more than five years.

There are many possibilities for reduction and, in some cases, elimination of your Levy payments in ways that are fully compliant with the law.

Ways to reduce your Levy payments may include packaging reduction, material change, implementing an alternative recycling program for your own materials at much lower cost than Blue Box collection, and reorganization of your distribution system.

We will help you identify and implement Levy payment reduction/elimination mechanisms. An initial consultation will take place at no charge and we will present you with a proposal after we have identified that your Levy payment can be cost-effectively reduced. Our one-year consultation fee will not normally exceed the amount by which you can reduce your Levy payment, so this is a
great opportunity for your company to save money!

Our Levy reduction recommendations will be fully supported by advice from one of Ontario's top environmental law firms.

Call us at (416) 410 0432 or email to to set up an appointment for your initial no charge consultation.

Please note that CIAL Group is not affiliated in any way with Stewardship Ontario. Blue Box is a registered trade mark of the Government of Ontario.


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